Chairman’s Message

Dear all,

It is my immense pleasure to inform you that the general convention of EEC has entrusted me as chairman of the so for next two years (2016-2018). So it is my confidence and conviction that the direct and indirect stakeholders and beneficiaries of this institution have empowered me with great responsibility. I hope and assure you all that the EEC will move ahead with new mission and vision”   Thus, it is my humble request to all concerns to proceed simultaneously ahead to improve basic education of Nepal and bring prosperity of human being in the earth at large.

Thanks to all our benevolent funding partners and donors, support institutions, communities and partners organizations/ schools that are working with us and I urge feel pride and proud being with us. The joint venture and responsibility with dependency to each other cannot be overlooked for coexistence.


The days ahead us is challenging ones as EEC is determined and committed to make an ambitious mission and goal. No doubt within the next decade the strength and performance of the institution will geometrically multiplied as more development experts and new techno-crafts are flocked with new zeal and enterprises- EEC consortium. The credit goes to our development partners and staffs. No exaggeration the days ahead are bright though more challenging too. The call upon of the chair person is to work for all and all for one for the welfare of humanity. Observe, study participate, figure out, plan a project then treat the needy because the presence of government of 21st century is far away. The role and responsibility of community and civil society is round the corner.


Namaraj Timalsina