Education Empowerment Center
Members (2018-2021) of Education Empowerment Center
Name Designation Address Experience Background

Mr. Namaraj Timalsina
Chairman Bethanchok, Kavre Mr. Timalsina has gained experience in Organization management smart leadership. He has getting more working experience in community schools, Local stakeholder, club and NGOs.

Mr. Naniram Dhital
Vice Chairman Dhulikhel 8,Kavre Mr Dhital is currently working as teacher incommunity school. Being involved in club, co-operative and organization. He has gainedexperience as an instructor in Child friendlyeducation system, Trained in MGML and childfriendly system.

Mrs. Bidhyalaxmi Deuja
Secretary Panchakhal 3,Kavre Mrs Deuja is currently working as teacher incommunity school. Being involved in club, co-operative and organization as a secretary. She isalso good leader of education sector. She hasgained experience of child friendly educationsystem, Trained in MGML and child friendlysystem.

Mr. Shyam Dhalakut
Treasure Dhulikhel 8,Kavre Mr. Dhalakuti is a young and energeticeducationist. Being involved in NGO andcommunity school. He is also instructor in childfriendly education system.

Mrs. Sharmila Neupane
Member Dhulikhel 11,Kavre Mrs. Neupane has gained experience inOrganization management. she has getting moreworking experience in community schools, Localstakeholder and club. She is also Instructor inECED teaching learning system.

Mrs. Chandrakala Shrestha
Member Panchakhal 4,Kavre Mrs Shrestha is a young and energetic businessman. Being involved in club, co-operativeand organization

Mr. Prakash Mijar
Member Panchakhal 6, Kavre. Mr Mijar, as a young Social worker. He has gained more experience as a social mobilization and music compose. Being involved in various social organization.

Mr. Dipak Rokka
Ex-official member Panchakhal 13,Kavre. Mr Rokka, as a young educationist with freshgraduate in Economic and Education fromTribhuvan University Nepal. He has gained moreexperience as an instructor in Child friendlyeducation system, Early Grade Reading (EGR)program, Multi Grade Multi Level (MGML)program and Physical & Digital library incommunity schools. He has also gained moreworking experience from Rato Bangala Foundation,German Nepalese Help Association (GNHA) as aneducational training coordinator and teachingexperience from community school. Trained inMGML and child friendly from Rishi Valley Indiaand Rato Bangala foundation lalitpur.