Education Empowerment Center
MMB Training Center

MMB (Margarete Mueller - Bull) Training Center is a Non - Government Training Center established in 2016 financially supported by German Nepalese Help Association (GNHA). It is providing training hall and equipment's for different type of training in peaceful working environment. This training center is one of the best training center for WISE Teachers Training as it contains all the necessary materials required for an effective training, however other trainings can also be conducted. It is being managed by Education Empowerment Center (EEC) Kavre which is local partner NGO of GNHA.

Nepal is a developing country, where all kinds of development programs are being conducted closely in collaboration with Government of Nepal by NGOs and INGOs. Amongst them, Training is one of the major events of development program. But all kinds of training had been conducted at hotels and resorts which were centralized in the urban area due to which, rural lifestyle could not be promoted and improved directly. Hence, MMB Training Center was established. In this training center, logistic facilities are provided by local Home Stay and mid day snacks are provided by local mother's group. At the end 10% amount of total income from home stays is donated to community school. At present, we are working to enhance the quality of basic education and support to improve the local lifestyle through MMB Training Center.

So, it is a Tri-Party Collaboration where MMB Training Center provides the trainees a good environment, customers for the local home stays through which schools are also being supported which ultimately helps in improvement of quality life in the rural area.

Training Center Package

Training hall charge : NRs. 2000/- (Per day)
Equipment charge : NRs. 1000/- (Per day)
Total Charge : = NRs. 3000/- (Per day)
Mid day snacks : NRs. 150/- (Per/day)