Education Empowerment Center
EEC, together with its partner schools is committed to promote a sustainable improvement in the quality of education of primary schools and achieving a child-oriented and integrated form of teaching that is geared to the way in which knowledge is acquired. The Multi Grade Multi Level (MGML) method is highly praised by expert worldwide who meets the ambitious requirement of providing quality and child centered education.

EEC is supporting to implement MGML methodology in 76 schools of 2 districts (Kavre- 38, Dolakha 38). Total 3496 students of grade 1 to 5 and 184 teachers teaching in the same grades are directly benefited by the project. Among them 2212 students and 89 teachers are from Kavre district and remaining 1284 students and 95 teachers are from Dolakha. The tenure of MGML project is 3 years for the implementation of MGML program in the targeted schools.

Multi Grade/Multi Level (MGML) methodology offers students and teachers of primary schools a reliable framework for both individualized and community-oriented education. MGML methodology allows mixed groups of students of different age, grade and performance levels to be educated together in one classroom by one teacher. MGML is an activity-oriented with free working processes which are managed by children themselves. Hence, the overall focus shifts from teacher to student, from the lecturing aspect to the learning aspect. In this way, the foundation for lifelong learning is laid as children learn how to acquire knowledge. This innovative methodology allows teachers to spend more time to guide children individually in their learning process.The details of the educational activities carried by the project in fiscal year 2077/078 are as follows:
1.1 Educational Materials Support
1.2 Sports materials Support
1.3 Cluster meeting/ workshop
1.4 Mother group mobilization
1.5 On the spot support and Mentoring
1.6 Joint monitoring of Project
1.7 MPAC and Project Review
1.8 Classroom set up conducive for MGML 4 & 5 (Additional)
1.9 Teacher Training
1.10 Conduction of Radio Program
A radio program “Shaikshik Sarokar” has been produced and presented by EEC in support of Dhulikhel municipality which is on aired through one of the leading community radios of Kavre, Prime FM 104.5 MHZ. The program is on aired every Tuesday from 7 to 7:30 evening. The radio program is expected to promote the best practices of MGML, its concept, methodology, implementation and effectiveness as well as the radio program has been a mode of transmitting various information of EEC and its project. The radio program is presented in different modalities like as interview with stakeholders, discussion, field reporting, etc. The program can be listened through radio set from nearly 42 districts as well as it can be listened online from the official website of Prime FM.